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We are excited about our upcoming AAU season and you should be too! If you are looking for a program that is going to focus on skill development and exposure, SC PHENOMS is that program!

The focus of our program is to develop and provide exposure opportunities for our athletes as well as help shape them as young men and women.  All SC Phenom athletes are required to participate in a Organization Community Service Project, last year we served GOD'S Pantry in Simpsonville SC, boxing up enough food for over 200 families!

Our teams will play in a minimum of 6 tournaments (except for our 3rd-4th grade team) and we will have teams on the Boys and Girls side that will participate in at least 3 EXPOSURE tournaments*


Our focus wil be on SKILL DEVELOPMENT as opposed to just playing tournaments.

We are are going to host 3 tournaments this year and give our Athletes ELITE Skills Training at no extra cost!

The cost of our registration fee for 2014 is $450***. ($100 is due on the final day of tryouts). The registration fee covers AAU, YBOA memberships, uniform and gym rental, tournament entry fees and an adidas shoe package (each athlete gets to keep) that consists of one pair of adidas basketball shoes, 2prs of adidas socks, an adidas bookbag, an adidas shooting shirt. Each athlete will receive a Team photo. There also are MANDATORY Organizational Fundraisers** as well as parents are expected to assist in working the tournaments that we host.

Our SC PHENOMS athletes have been successful in making and playing for their Middle and High Schools! (See Phenoms in School Action Page!)



Please go to TRYOUTS link to be register and receive your confirmation number. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO TRYOUT WITH OUT CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

*Athletes will have to be selected to participate on Exposure Teams

**If you choose the payment plan including Fundraisers

*** With 2 Organizational Fundraisers. ($650 w/o Fundraisers)

***Cost for 3rd-4th Grade team is $450


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